When it's over, it's time to start over.

Today I am going to give the floor to a friend and fellow blogger Ashley Maria who blogs over at She is smart and ahead of her time. If you want to learn a thing or two about life, love and being a beautiful woman inside and out then Ashley is your girl. I want to thank Ashley for this lovely and inspiring post. So Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ashley Maria.

When it's over, it's time to start over.

So, ladies... it's over.

You've cried all of your tears. Spent most of the days and nights thinking it all over and over and over again. You're done calling, texting, and social media stalking your ex. You've finally accepted it.

So... Now what?

Since the end of my relationship, I've asked myself the same question everyday. I think about what to do next. Being in a relationship calls for spending a lot of time with the other person and eventually planning a future with them. In the midst of all of this, you may forget what it's like to be yourself as an individual. I becomes Us and You becomes We. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but after being in a serious relationship for a while, you may forget how to distinguish between the two.

So if and when the relationship ends, you may have the same conversation that I have with myself everyday. What the heck am I gonna do now?

If that's the case, I have a few tips on what some of those things may be...

1. Get fit!
Join a gym! Get back to the gym! Start getting active!
What's a better way to get your life back on track then taking control of your health?
Plus, it wouldn't hurt getting back in those old jeans! ;)

2. Rediscover Your Friends and Family
Surround yourself with people that love, support, and care about you.
Head out with your girlfriends for a ladies night!
Call up the ladies in your family for a mani/pedi day or movie night!
In the moments when the pain of a relationship hits, being around them will make all the difference.

3. Have Quiet Time
When ever I'm feeling overwhelmed with phone calls, texts, emails, social media,
I shut my phone off (or put it on silent), close my laptop, turn the television off and just lay back.
You'd be surprised what this can do.
Meditate, do yoga, listen to soft music, write down your thoughts, or just sit in silence and clear your mind.

4. Redefine Your Goals and Meet Them!
This is something I do every single day. I take my notebook and start thinking of things that I want to accomplish. I start out with my short term goals and begin to think about the long term.
This year, I want to finish a certain amount of classes, lose weight, move out, and possibly start a new job.
What are yours?

5. Get Dolled Up!
Girl, go get your hair did!
Get yo nails did!
Get yo makeup did!
Get a new outfit!
Go look and feel beautiful for you, girl!

6. Know Your Worth
Never, ever forget your worth.
Even though the relationship is over, that does not mean that you are a failure...period!
Things happen for a reason, we all make mistakes but this does not mean that we are failures.
We live and we learn.
WE define our worth. No one else.
Plain and simple.

7. Find a Hobby
For me, it's makeup.
When ever I get the chance, I sit myself in front of my makeup and go to town.
And now, I'm slowly turning back to music and writing again.
What's something that you're interested in but never tried?

8. Understand That It's Okay to Be Alone
Everyone needs someone, it's true. We'll all find that special someone one day.
In the meantime, it's okay to be alone. In fact, it's a good thing.
Rediscover you. Find out who YOU are as yourself.

9. Remain Positive
Having a positive attitude on things makes all the difference.

10. Live
Keep going, girlfriend.
Things only get better from here.
...but only if you want them to.

Talk to you soon ladies...

If there is a relationship based post you would like to share on the relationship daily, whether it be advice, support, inspiration of any kind, please feel free to send a E-mail.

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Women aren't born a bitches, they become bitches

Bitch, Is a word used to describe a female dog or a word used to describe a non conforming human female.
I personally only use the word when I see anyone male or female being hateful and spiteful for no good reason. But as I have grown, I have learned a lot about why men say or use the word Bitch.

To me a Bitch is a woman who will not except anything  that she feels she doesn't deserve under any circumstances.

Women aren't born a bitches, they become bitches.

When a Person is pushed into a corner and they feel their happiness and overall well being is being threatened, they become defensive and go into oh, no you didn't mode. Relationship after relationship, the woman at some point grows a brain and stands up and states Enough is Enough! I will not be made a doormat for you!. I will not stand by and watch you waste not only your life by mine as well! I will not accept any BS from anyone at any time in my short life. The only men on this earth that are allowed to receive unconditional love from me are my sons period.

I am not your mother, I am not your sister. You will be expected to play your part, you will be expected to be the man you play yourself off to be, If I see this is just a front, believe me, I will let you know. Loudly and clearly. If you don't like it remember, I survived without you before and I will survive again!

Yes I am a bitch, but you know what your BS made this bitch.

So next time you ask why your lady is being a bitch, instead ask what you did to make her a bitch.

This is not a personal post, just something I was thinking. What do you think?

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