Being wrong doesn't make you bad.

Sometimes we have to face the fact that we are the ones who are wrong, but that doesn't make us bad.

My dad once said that I am the worse person to give relationship advice, after all I have had a series of long and bad relationships. But I think that makes me the right person to get relationship advice from. 
I mean don't we learn by watching other peoples mistakes or failures?

I am not claiming to know everything.
I am not using this blog to shoutout how right I am or how wrong my partner is.

I am going to be writing about how I feel good or bad, no sugar coating.
I am going to fight the stereotypes that say we have to be married or living with someone.
I am going to fight the stereotypes that say an older single woman is an old maid.

I am going to fight with all my power to show the world that an older single woman, 
can do anything she puts her mind to. 

I am sorry dad, I know I have failed many times, I may not know what to do to have a successful relationship, But I am sure as hell know what not to do.

So many people worry about being the wrong one in a relationship. Who cares! I would rather be wrong than miserable. 

How about you?


  1. Go you!! I admire your attitude and here's what everyone thinks of me: aged 20 I was engaged. I immediately became allsorts of names but only myself and my closest family and friends knew that he was my childhood love. We broke up when he cheated on me and I had months and months of 'I knew you wouldnt last, you're too young'. I knew I wasn't so I hated those stereotypes. I feel so proud and happy for you to be wanted to make a change. Hope you are ok though.
    Saffy xx

    1. thank you beautiful for your encouraging words! I am at the point where I don't care anymore, let them say what they want. Life is too short to be unhappy and I am choosing my sanity and happiness over peoples opinions. Oh, I am fine, thank you for your concern. I was cheated on once its a sad tale, I will share it soon! thanks for listening :)

    2. Hear hear!! I totally admire and agree. And I am glad you're doing ok :-)

  2. You go girl!!! I've had two failed marriages. YES, I said TWO! The first time, I got married at 18, and unfortunately, he was incredibly abusive, and it took me being pushed through a window, resulting in over 200 stitches and scars that will NEVER go away, in order to get enough balls to leave. The truth was, I had two young kids, they are 19 months apart in age, and my son, my youngest, was still in diapers when I left. The second time lasted 10 years, but I became ill, and he wasn't man enough to handle it, so he found another woman, and told me he wanted a divorce. I had decided NEVER again would I fall in love or get married. Then, my first love (teenage) and I found one another through Classmates, and the rest is history, lol. We've now been married for going on 7 years, and I DO know, without a doubt, that he will NEVER leave me, nor will he ever cheat on me. Did I mention that my first husband cheated on me constantly? Yep, I was the last to usual. No one told me ANYTHING about THAT until after we were divorced. Nice... Anyway, I know that you are a VERY strong woman, and I know that no matter what happens, you will come out of it somewhat scarred, but wiser and even stronger! <3